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Translumina-Cathy No4 PTCA Balloon

The Translumina Cathy n°4 represents the next generation catheter technology with an optimum in pushability and trackability. This Balloon Catheter has been developed in order to increase the success rate when crossing the lesions. Improvements with soft and hard hightech materials result in a perfect product balance for easy n

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Microgen – Green Disinfectants D125

Microgen is an American-based surface disinfectant company founded in 1987, with a mission to develop, chemically designand test disinfectant formulations to maximize their effectiveness in killing pathogens. Our disinfectants have undergone extensive testing by both Global Independent Testing Laboratories, as well as by Foreign Governments to verify their effectiveness against a wide range of pathogens

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Translumina GmbH

Yukon® Chrome PC DES coating with excellent long-term clinical outcome The Translumina Yukon Chrome PC drug-eluting stent, coated with Rapamycin (Sirolimus) and the biodegradable component polylactide (PLA), has an excellent history of pre-clinical and clinical results.[1,2] The Yukon Chrome PC has the identical coating technique and coating properties (dosage, thickness) like the clinically proven Yukon

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