Cocoon Ventricular Septal Occluder

Posted on November 06,2013 Cocoon

The Cocoon VSD Occluder is a percutaneous transcatheter ventricular septal defect (VSD) closure device intended for the occlusion of hemodynamically significant ventricular septal defects

The Cocoon VSD occluder is a self expandable, double disc device made from Nitinol wire mesh coated with platinum using nano fusion technology.  The two discs are linked together by a connecting waist corresponding to the size of the ventricular septal defect.  In order to increase its closing ability the discs and the waist are filled with polypropylene fabric.  The polypropylene fabric is securely sewn to the wires using polyster thread.

Cocoon VSD Occluders are available in two different design to match the types and location of the ventricular septal defects to close:

  • Cocoon VSD Occluder – Membranous
  • Cocoon VSD Occluder – Muscular
  • Cocoon VSD Occluder – Aneruysm



Main Features

  • Nano Platinum coating provides superior bio-compatible properties compared to bare nitinol.
  • Prevents Nickel leaching into the blood stream.
  • Prevents corrosion of Nitinol wire frame in long term implants.
  • Platinum provides better radioopacity which enables easy positioning of the device in the defect.

Cocoon VSD Occluder Accessory Set

Cocoon VSD Occluder Accessory set consists of

  • Delivery Sheath with hemostasis valve adapter – used to deliver the device.
  • Dilator – used to ease penetration of tissue
  • Loader – used to introduce the Cocoon VSD Occluder into the delivery sheath.
  • Delivery cable with cable sheath– The device is screwed onto the distal tip of the delivery cable, which allows for placement and retrieval of the device.

The delivery cable with cable sheath is packed seperately from the other accessories.  The delivery cable cannot be used with other Cocoon occluders.  The Cocoon VSD Occluder Accessory set is available in 6F, 7F, 8F and 9F sizes.


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