Rotarex & Aspirex; System Built to Remove

Posted on June 14,2022 Latest News, Products, Rotarex- S BD, Rotarex-S and Aspirex-S

Rotarex-S and Aspirex-S BD’s Atherectomy + Thrombectomy For Mixed Morphology PAD lesions

The Rotarex™ Rotational Excisional Atherectomy System synchronizes three distinct mechanisms of action to modify, excise and aspirate complex lesions with mixed plaque morphology.

We understand that anything that can help to save time, space and reduce complexity in the lab is essential. The Rotarex™ Atherectomy System is simple to set up and easy to use, with a small plug-and-play capital component and reusable handle that is easily draped. Additionally, the Rotarex™ Atherectomy System does not require any warm up, infusion or catheter clean out.


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