Hydra TAVI Bioprosthesis

Posted on August 29,2020 Hydra TAVI Bioprosthesis Valve

The Hydra aortic valve stent frame is made of nitinol and the leaflets are cut out of bovine pericardium. It is designed for compatibility with the native anatomy for percutaneous replacement procedures. The three tentacles (antenna) on the stent frame provide flexible anchors at the outflow which provides conformability to the shape of the aorta. The inflow section of the frame exerts a higher but optimum radial force to ensure secure attachment to the annulus. The bio-prosthesis is made from pericardium and sutured around the stent frame in a three leaflet configuration. The leaflets are designed to function in various shape or dimensions. The bovine pericardium used is approved for human use.

Hydra TAVI is Philippine FDA Certified and has CE Mark.

The Hydra TAVI system comprises of :

   Stent frame with pericardial leaflets

   Delivery catheter

   Loading System

Soft flexible tip at the distal end to help navigate through the vessels.

   The capsule is 18F with a gold marker at the tip for easy visualization in angio.

   The catheter shaft is 12F supported with a 15F stabilizer sheath.

   The blue knob of the AVDC handle, rotates to release/recapture the valve.

   The handle has markings indicating how much of the valve is released

  Valve can be recaptured up to 75% release as indicated as orange mark on the handle


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