Sanare offers Clozex Medical wound closure device

Posted on September 26,2023 Latest News


Clozex Medical, Inc. continues to focus on the design and development of devices that improve clinical outcomes and enhance procedural efficiencies during surgical skin closure. Clozex Closures were designed to address the limitations of traditional suture and staple-based technologies. Clozex Closures are faster, provide a greater level of control, and deliver exceptional cosmetic results, whether treating lacerations in the emergency setting or closing surgical incisions in the operating room.

Our patented Interlaced Locking Technology best approximates skin edges and provides 3-Dimensional control of the wound, while the non-invasive adhesive pads reduce tension on the wound edges resulting in great cosmetic outcomes and minimizing scarring for patients. The Clozex system creates a cross-incisional zone of healing that precisely and securely locks the pads in place throughout the wound healing process. Clozex closures have been validated by clinical studies and published in many surgical journals.Clozex is a Class I device with FDA clearance, is Sterile, Latex Free, and proudly manufactured in the USA. Clozex Medical continues to be an emerging leader in the development and manufacture of innovative skin closure devices for advanced wound care. Clozex Medical is based in West Bridgewater, Massachusetts


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