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Posted on March 19,2020 Latest News, Products, Translumina- Drug Eluting Stent

Yukon® Chrome PC DES coating with excellent long-term 10 year clinical outcome

The Translumina Yukon Chrome PC drug-eluting stent, coated with Rapamycin (Sirolimus) and the biodegradable component polylactide (PLA), has an excellent history of pre-clinical and clinical results.[1,2] The Yukon Chrome PC has the identical coating technique and coating properties (dosage, thickness) like the clinically proven Yukon Choice PC. In two independent trials ISAR-TEST 3 and ISAR-TEST 4 the Yukon DES platform showed angiographic and clinical equivalence with the Cypher stent after 1 year and 3 years of follow-up.[3,4] Latest clinical data, published by G. Stefanini et al [5], show the excellent long-term outcome of the Yukon biodegradable polymer DES technology in a meta-analysis, comparing the clinical outcome after 4 years in more than 4000 patients with the Cypher stent. This analysis shows for the first time that the definite Very Late Stent Thrombosis (VLST) can be reduced statistically significant by using the biodegradable PLA polymer coating technology of the Yukon DES. An additional sub-group analysis shows also benefit in difficult patient groups like diabetics and patients with acute myocardial infarct. [6,7] Due to this excellent clinical outcome the Yukon DES technology is recommended by the latest ESC guidelines for myocardial revascularization.[8] Yukon Chrome PC now transfers this unique technology to the latest Translumina CoCr-stent platform featuring thin struts and a highly flexible 2-Connector stent design.

The Yukon Chrome PC is applying the same coating technique and is demonstrating the identical coating properties (dosage, thickness) like the Yukon Choice PC. The following charts are showing the clinical outcome taken from the ISAR-TEST 3 and ISAR-TEST 4 trials, including the Yukon Choice PC. Efficacy [ 3,4 ] Published Pre-clinical and BMS Data [1,2] Month after randomization Month after randomization The ISAR-TEST 4 is the first prospective randomized trial which compares different DES i.e. Yukon Choice PC, Xience and Cypher for their efficacy & safety in over 2600 patients

Yukon Chrome is the first with a 10 year clinical follow-up with lowest stent thrombosis rates. 10 year safety!

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