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Posted on March 19,2020 D125, Latest News, Microgen

Microgen is an American-based surface disinfectant company founded in 1987, with a mission to develop, chemically designand test disinfectant formulations to maximize their effectiveness in killing pathogens.

Our disinfectants have undergone extensive testing by both Global Independent Testing Laboratories, as well as by Foreign Governments to verify their effectiveness against a wide range of pathogens including:

Most Preferred Green Disinfectant


D-125 is a of 3rd generation twin chain quaternary ammonium compound. It is tested and documented by major private hospitals and government authorized establishments. D-125 is US EPA registered & also approved by FDA of many leading countries including Philippines. With claims of 148 of micro-organisms including HIV, HBV, HCV, Polio, H1N1, H5N1, Coronavirus, SARS, etc.

Microgen’s “D-125” is recommended for use as a non porous hard surface disinfectant in hospitals and other healthcare facilities
  D-125 is aldehyde free
  Non – corrosive
  Non – irritant
  Non – hazardous
  Non – carcinogenic
  Biodegradable & Eco – friendly
  Enveloped and Non-Enveloped Human and Non-Human Viruses.
  Gram Negative & Gram Positive Clinical Bacterial Isolates.
  Environmental and Pathogenic Fungi.
  Antibiotic Resistant Gram Positive and Gram Negative Bacteria.


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